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Not Me Monday

What a fun and busy week we had! With all the fun and busyness, you'd think there wouldn't be any "not me" moments, right? HA. I have just a few to share.

I always thought it was so sweet when I would teach little 3 and 4 year old boys in Sunday school that they wanted to grow up and marry their moms. Awwww. So therefore, I have to tell you that it is NOT my son who does NOT want to grow up and marry me. Nope, not my son. Of course he wants to grow up and marry me. He did not at all, when I asked him who he was going to marry, loudly declare "Gabbi!" Nope, my son does not really love his sister more than he loves me! It was so darn cute though!

If you've read here any time at all, you know the struggle I'm having while trying to lose weight. That's why I would never have agonized over whether to spend 40 calories by putting mayonnaise on my sandwich or not. And I would never have decided to just save those 40 calories in case something better came along. And I certainly wouldn't sit down immediately after this internal debate and eat a bag of cheetos. Nope, not me. (btw - I'm sure the 40 calories I denied myself really do balance out the THREE HUNDRED TWENTY calories in a bag of cheetos.)

And since we're not me-ing, I have to tell on my daughter for just a moment. She had some friends over a couple of nights ago. They did not watch and giggle through the "Love Comes Softly" movies. Then they did not go to bed and stay up until 2 am, giggling and ... are you ready for this? DRAWING. They ILLUSTRATED the movies. One girl was giving drawing lessons, and the others were following along. No makeup, boy talk, or any inappropriate behavior whatsoever. Just drawing. I was not enormously blessed by this!

And now we are not about to rush out the door, because once again, I am not running late. I never run late. Just so you know.

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