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Thankful Thursday

We interrupt your regularly scheduled whine to bring you a little thankfulness.

Let me tell you about my day today.

First, after taking Brendan to MDO, I came to the house to see if I could find my lab orders to take and have that done. When I finally found them (why is it that I can find a receipt from a year ago without any problem, but a paper I had THREE DAYS AGO gets lost?) I ran out the door to rush to the doctor and there was a man in my yard. It took me a minute to realize it was one of my neighbors, who also goes to my church. He was meeting another church member so that they could cut a dead limb that has been dangling in one of our pine trees for a year now (thank you Hurricane Ike.)

:-O I made a random comment to my neighbor one day, I think about someone parking under it or something, and he just showed up to cut it down for us. Wow.

We have been so blessed. I'm behind on my thank you notes, which is kind of a good thing. Okay, maybe not a good thing if you're the one who hasn't been properly thanked yet, but bear with me. Because I am now 40, my brain no longer works. (Hold on you young people, it will happen to you too.) SO, I have a handy list where I keep track of people to whom I owe thank you notes. This list stays right near my computer, and you may have guessed that I spend a fair amount of time by my computer every day, so this thankful list is usually pretty nearby. It's so nice to just have the reminder in front of me that we have been so blessed.

House stuff.
Limb removal.

Amazing. I can't even say the number of times that I've been talking to someone just working through keeping all the plates spinning, and whoever I'm talking to has some solution to whatever the problem of the day is. It's just amazing. I know it's the Lord working to bless me, and working in the lives of my friends as well. Amazing just to be a part of that.

Tonight I had a great time visiting with friends and stocking my freezer. The Main Dish We giggled and visited, and prepared freezer meals. YUMMY freezer meals. The girls and I had so much fun tonight figuring out what we were going to eat tomorrow. The price was very reasonable, and it was just fun.

The kids and I planned the rest of school for 2009. I do so much better when I have a schedule in front of me, and I believe the girls do too. We're going to be working hard to get lots done before the end of the year. The girls seem to be willing to get to work and I have been so thankful for their good attitudes.

I know I've been all whiny and complaining lately, so I wanted to just take a minute and let you all know how thankful I am too. :)

(Now back to your regularly scheduled whine, already in progress. haha)

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