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This is How Rumors Get Started

Yesterday was my anniversary. Thirteen years. Wow. This is kind of an interesting place to be thirteen years later!

Look at these gorgeous flowers Jim sent me!

And look at this one; the special thirteenth rose:

Brendan is totally confused that these flowers are from Jim. I had to step into another room to cry for a moment when I mentioned to the girls yesterday morning that I would have a flower delivery from Jim, and Brendan said "DADDY'S COMING HOME?!?" Man, I'm getting all teary again just typing that out. Pretty heartbreaking, huh?

Anyway, so the flower delivery man brought the flowers, and Brendan wasn't here when he came. He was very confused when he got home and saw the flowers. I told him they were delivered; that daddy sent them but didn't bring them to me. So now he thinks that Jim physically sent them to me. He had several questions about how the balloon fit, and did Daddy blow it up. Then he seemed to kind of figure it out. The mailman gave me flowers.

So, if you see my sweet son, and he tells you that the mailman gave mommy flowers, you'll understand, and won't have to look at me questioningly. And give him a hug, he's really missing his daddy.

And happy anniversary to me.

(Love you, Jim. The flowers are GORGEOUS! Happy anniversary.)

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