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There is nothing in the world like a four year old who has gone shopping for his parents for the first time.

(fake smile and all!)

He is so funny. He came to me right after shopping and told me what he had bought me. (It's a snowglobe.) I am not allowed to touch the package, or even look at it really. Despite the fact that he has told me what it is, he wants it to be a surprise.

He actually has presents under the tree that are to him. He's expressed a little bit of interest in them, but mainly he watches the presents he bought from the awana store. He is just so proud of himself for buying those!

Reminds me of a certain "rocking dog" that a certain little boy who is now nearly 17 got for a certain Nana, when he was probably about four.

I am totally taking this child to the dollar store with a few dollars in his pocket to see what treasures he comes up with for his sisters!

Four year old boys are just the sweetest things, even when they wake up on the wrong side of the kindermat and have a meltdown at Dillards because their moms want them to try on a pair of pants rather than a Buzz Lightyear shirt.

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