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Chocolate Covered Promises

I love chocolate, but then again what girl doesn't? Actually, I know a few females out there that don't enjoy this decadence, but it's a rare few. Most of us know what the combination of cacao, milk, and sugar can to do to change our mood, brighten our day, or compliment a meal!

A recent chocolate obsession of mine are Dove Promises. I went crazy over the chocolate caramel ones at Christmastime. (Don't even get me started on how soft and smooth the caramel filling is! Pure bliss.) Now that we're in 2010 I'm going after the dark chocolate and almond treats, for their obvious health benefits of course (smile).

As I unwrapped one of an undisclosed number of these I enjoyed the other day, I smiled as I read the promise on the inside of the gold foil wrapper. It read, "Be still, breathe, know-you are fine."

Good advice, but my mind immediately went to Psalm 46:10a in God's word..."Be still, and know that I am God."

You see, when I take a moment to be still and breathe, I know the reason that I will indeed be fine no matter what my circumstances...the God of the universe is, and always will be... not only that, but he has my very best interests mind and a perfect plan for my little life! He is God and I will be okay.

I reflected on this truth as I enjoyed my little chocolate delicacy, and grinned as I realized that while I do love Dove Promises, I love God's promises even more!

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