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First Day Report

We survived our first day back to school.

It really wasn't awful, despite making one child redo her math, and the other child do the dreaded copy work. The "suggestion" that the math be redone was met with a sigh but no other complaints. The fifteen minutes of copy work was *crammed* into about two hours, but it got done neatly too. All in all, we were praising the Lord for a good day that went much more smoothly than we expected.

And now it's Tuesday.

Pause with me for a brief, happy sigh.

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week! Brendan has Mother's Day Out, and the girls are less distracted. Then in the evening, they have dance, so I get to hang out with just Brendan for a while. :) I love Tuesdays!

And with that said, I need to run and ... ahem ... get the girls out of bed. And make Brendan's lunch. I should probably get dressed too. ;)

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