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Galveston trip, 1/12/10

It was a beautiful day yesterday, so we took advantage of one of Jim's last days here and went to Galveston.

The kids very much wanted to go to the beach.
Mom: You may take your shoes off and roll your pants up, but DO NOT get in the water.
Kids: Oh, Mother Dear, we are obedient children and would never dream of getting in the water!

Kids: Maybe we could just put our toes in the water? Since we're barefoot and all, you know.
Mom: DO NOT GET WET. It is JANUARY, and it was freezing last week, so the water is cold. DO NOT GET WET.

Kids: Hey, Mom? Could we just tiptoe through the water just a teensy bit, so we can get up on that rock, and you could take a fabulous picture, complete with fake smiles? Please, Mother Dear!

Uh oh.

Look, Mom! Be distracted by me! Pay no attention to the small children frolicking in the water!

Mom: I'm so thankful that I know my children well and packed a change of clothes for every little body!

Then on the way home, we stopped in High Island and let the kids search for shells, and to let the mosquitos feed on us.

I love this picture:

And once again, we have to wonder if the mom was present on this trip. She must have been, everyone has fresh, dry clothes on.

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