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Let Her Play

My house, as usual, is littered with toys and other things that my kids have dragged out to play with since they bounded out of bed at 7:45 this morning. I'm sure I have at least two or three loads of laundry to do, even though I have done more loads than I can remember over the past week. I have several organizational projects I need be working on, as mission organization is probably at the top of the New Years Resolution list that I have yet to write.

But here I sit on our little front porch, which I suppose is actually more of a stoop than a porch, to the sounds of country love songs thanks to my Alan Jackson station on Pandora. Our day has been action packed of course, with the usual meal prep, clean up, and dishwashing; playing American Girl Doll school with Madi; keeping busy Trevor occupied; baking and delivering some muffins. Though we have done much, there is still lots to do - but the temperatures, which have been abnormally cold for Florida, have warmed up to a beautiful 58 degrees with a bright, warm sun and clear, blue skies. After putting Trevor down for a nap, Madi and I went outside for a few minutes where she began making a collection of leaves and rocks and enjoying the sunshine and breezes in her bright, striped sweater and comfy, embroidered hand-me-down jeans. She was having so much fun that despite the work I needed to do inside, I decided to sit outside and let her play.

After all, there aren't always cool, sunshiney afternoons to enjoy. Sometimes life is too hot, too cold, or too rainy. There aren't always moments when we aren't being pulled in a hundred directions or don't have places to be other than our front yard. Sometimes life is too overwhelming and too busy. And my little girl won't always be four and home with me. Sometimes life goes too fast. But when she grows up and leaves home, I sure want her to remember sunny afternoons with mom and rocks and sticks and sunshine on her shoulders and long hair blowing behind her while she ran because I stopped, sat, and let her play.

We just ran inside to grab a freshly baked muffin and a Capri-Sun. As my striped-sweater girl settled on the step with her cinnamon spiced treat and juice, she turned to me and said, "Mom, it's nice to have a little snack outside sometimes."

You know Madi, you sure are right about that. You sure are right.

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