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Not Me again

New Year, same ole' me.

I did not undo three months of hard "healthy" work in one month. How is that even possible? How can it take ages and tons of hard work to lose weight and just a few oreos to gain it all back?!? That's totally not fair. Okay, perhaps there were more than just a few. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

In related news though, I am not all sore ... from walking. Nope, not at all. I did a great walk/jog thing with five miles a day regularly until December hit, so there is no way that a brisk half mile walk could possibly make me SORE.

I am not totally irritated with still having Christmas stuff up, including presents that are unopened. We decided to hold Christmas until Jim gets home, which seemed like a good idea at the time. It's not now driving me crazy to have it all there, nor is it really bothering me that I can't get into my closet because the rest of the Christmas stuff is in there. I am not currently considering letting them open a few presents just so that they're out of the way. Nor am I considering just taking some more pics of the tree and sticking them on the wall so I can put the tree up. I was reading on another blog this morning how Christmas builds up and builds up, but then when it's over, it's just plain over. This is so true! Hopefully we just have a day or two left ...

(by the way - I will not be disassembling the tree as my children are opening presents. Nope, not me.)

I'm sure I have some "not me's" for my kids, but since they're rolling out of bed ... at 10:00 am ... I'm going to go try to decide if I should offer them a late breakfast, or make them starve for a little bit to have an early lunch, or come up with something and call it brunch.

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