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So long to "Persect"

I just love the "learning to talk" phase. For the longest time, Brendan has substituted s for f and z for v.

We watched mozies. His hair was poosy. Good days were persect. My personal favorite word was zelzet. He lozed his mama.

It was cute. I loved it.

Then that rotten older sister stepped in. I'd hear them at night. She'd say "VelVet" and he'd say "ZelZet." And I'd giggle. It was very sweet, and even sweeter that he really thought he was saying it correctly.

Then it happened.

He came in and triumphantly said "PERFECT!" And now we watch movies and his hair is poofy and he loves me. Funny how when they get it right, that's it. No more persect around here.

Why must he be growing up so quickly?

(He does at least still mix up his prepositions. I still buy things to him and give things from him. And I'm not pointing that out to older sister ... for a couple of months anyway, when the cuteness of going for the store starts to wear off!)

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