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We Are Pathetic

So, in order to paint a realistic picture of how some days go around here, I have got to fill you in on a conversation my husband and I had last Monday. It went something like this.

Me: Jimmy, we have like no diapers left.
Him: Oh, sure we do.
Me: No really, I promise I just used the last one and forgot to get more at the store.
Him: I think there's some in his backpack.
Me: But there were only two in his backpack when I took him to church yesterday, meaning at most there may be one left. I'm serious.
Him: Yeah, but don't we have an emergency one stored under the seat in the car?
Me: Oh yeah, I think so...(this said while heading out to the van to check his backpack and go searching under the seats)

Somewhere during this conversation it hit me that sometimes we are just plain pathetic! Forgetting to buy diapers for our kid and then acting like it's all cool because there's a crumbled, wrinkled diaper that's been sitting under the seat in our van along with McDonald's crumbs and who knows what else?! What is wrong with us??!!

Needless to say, I ran to the store that day and bought a pack of diapers and a pack of pull-ups because after all, if Trevor would just get potty-trained, this wouldn't have even been an issue!

So if your life is not perfectly together, don't fret, you are not alone. We are more pathetic than you.


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