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We Are Supa Freaks

Oh yes we are. A whole family of super freaks.

There's the littlest one who has a freakishly large bladder. (and I am IN NO WAY complaining about this!) Then there's the middle one with the freakishly high pitched voice. If something should ever happen to Alvin, Simon, or Theodore, I know an excellent replacement. Seriously.

The oldest and the father have their freakish abilities as well, but out of fear of retribution, I'm choosing to leave those off of this post.

Then there's me. My freakish ability? I'm glad you asked. I have freakishly excellent bionic hearing, especially after 10 pm. I also have a freakishly low noise tolerance. In case you were wondering, this is not really an excellent combination.

Last night, while in my room, I could hear one cat eating her food (from across the house), the other cat purring (she was actually in the bed with me), the dog breathing, a pine needle or two fell from the trees in the front, a couple of ants carried some of Pepper's food away, I believe there was a frog on the driveway ... and that's not even mentioning any noises any other person who lives here might have been making. We had to get rid of the fish a few years ago; they were WAY too loud!

I know totally where the low noise tolerance comes from, and I know he reads this blog. Genetics. And I'll leave it at that. ;) Some friends and I were talking about Bill Cosby's bit about parents really not being interested in justice, they were just interested in quiet. Oh my. I am that parent. "I don't care if she hit you with a baseball bat. You looked at her funny and now she's screaming, and she's a lot louder than you are, so you're in trouble!!" And I'm also the "I don't care if you can breathe or not; just be quiet!" person. (hm, I should probably never be asked to accompany kids to camp or anything like that. I'm just sayin'.)

And with all of that said, I hear Brendan stirring around, and I hear girls NOT stirring around, and it's time to start our day.

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