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"Do I Got Issues?"

My son always has the best lines.

Yesterday he came out with another one that we will be quoting for awhile, I'm sure.

So, as you all know from a recent post, he is not potty-trained even though he turned 3 a few months ago. Evidently I have no clue how to potty-train a boy, or he is just not ready, or something.

At least we're in Pull-Ups. For while he cried at the thought of those!

Back to the story. Because he doesn't go potty yet, I still have to change his Pull-Ups. And that was exactly what I was doing when his latest and greatest quote came out. This particular Pull-Up change was, um, extra not fun. As I was doing the dirty work, I sort of sighed and said, "Oh, Trevor..."

And then that brown-eyed cutie looked up at me and said with all sincerity...

"What? Do I got issues??"

I cracked up, of course. It was so stinkin' funny (pardon the pun)!! Oh, Trev. Yes, honey, you have issues.

But don't we all!

Take me for instance. My house somehow always needs to be picked up, even if I have just spent an hour picking it up. I am almost always late to Sunday School, no matter how hard I try to be on time. Sometimes I let people's criticism or negativity rule my thoughts and shift my focus from where it needs to be. My left shoulder has completely sunk in, leaving me me with little strength or dexterity in that arm. And did I mention I still need to potty-train my son? (Oh yeah, I did.)

Yep, "I got issues." And so do you.

But thankfully, I know the one true God who can exchange ashes for beauty, mourning for gladness, and a spirit of despair for a garment of praise (Isaiah 61:3). I can only imagine what beautiful mosaic He can make of my pile of issues! So thankful I know this amazing, compassionate, transforming God!

And so hopeful today that you know Him too.

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