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Not Me Monday

The following words did not come out of my mouth:
No, honey, you can't have a pickle for breakfast. I'd rather you have something like a donut. Or hey, how about a corn dog?
I did not then sit down, watch my sweet girl eat her corn dog, FOR BREAKFAST, and then wonder what on earth I was thinking. Nope, not me.

And also, cleanliness being next to godliness and all that (yes, I know that phrase is not actually in the Bible), I'd never let my son get absolutely filthy dirty playing outside when the sun finally decided to show itself after several days of rain. (Actually the more appropriate picture here would probably be the picture of the many layers of dirt that *weren't* in my bathtub after bathing the boy who didn't get filthy dirty. I didn't take one of those pictures though.)

I am not happy dancing, as I type this on Sunday afternoon to post on Monday, that my co-op stuff is ready. ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON (as opposed to Sunday night.) I've had all week to do it, so I'd never just wait until *almost* the last minute, and then happy dance that it isn't exactly the last minute!

I did not bribe my two older children with money to clean out a kitchen cabinet for me, and if I had, it wouldn't have been to serve several purposes. 1) To give them a project to work on together in hopes that they would stop bickering with each other, 2) to give them a chance to earn a little bit of money so they would stop begging me to take them to the Hallmark store to buy this little dog/backpack combination, 3) to give me the opportunity to go hide in my bedroom because the kitchen floor was covered with the stuff from the cabinet, and 4) because the cabinet really did need to be organized. Nope, I'd never do that.

What didn't you do this week?

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