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The Doctor Dance

I'm home from co-op this Monday, doing the dance that all moms have learned.

Does this require a doctor visit? Should we just wait it out?

C'mon. If you're a mom, you're well familiar with this dance. At least I'm getting to do it on a Monday, which makes all of the moves much less frantic than on a Thursday evening or Friday morning.

This dance is further enhanced by a lot of second guessing. She whimpered all night in her sleep ... ahem ... in MY bed, so guess who didn't get to sleep? So, she should go. But then she just stood up and did a cartwheel. Well, if she were *really* sick, she wouldn't be doing cartwheels, so we'll wait. Hm. Maybe I should devise a point system.

Complaining of a sore throat = +2 points
Swollen lymph nodes = +2 points
Fever = +2 points
Fever over 103 = +4 points
Throwing up = +1 point (for this particular child. She throws up all the time. For the other two, it's +3 points.)
Doing cartwheels = -2 points
Singing along with the intro to Phineas and Ferb = -2 points
Talking baby talk to the dog = -1 point
The scary cough = +2 points
The scary cough lasting over a minute = +4 points
Sounding really hoarse = +1 point
Forgetting to sound really hoarse while yelling at sibling = -5 points
Loss of appetite = +2 points (again, for this kid. For the other two, this is both a sign of being sick and of being well, so throw this one out for them.)
Excessive whininess = oh good grief ... how could I even tell?

I'm sure there are more, but these are all that I can think of right now. I keep being interrupted by a child who needs a drink, and a blanket, and hey mom, I've already seen this episode, so could you bring me the remote, and oh hey, I think the dog is really cold, so could you bring her in, oh never mind, I'll do it, and I'll do a cartwheel on the way, and this pillow isn't as soft as that pillow, so would you trade them out for me?

Feel free to take my point system and incorporate it into your own dance. Maybe a score of 10 or more means to call, and less than that means to wait.

As for us, we're going to wait another day. She only scored a six.

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