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I Finished Something!!

I was talking to some friends the other day about my frustration with not being able to COMPLETE anything. Laundry -- I can have a goal to complete it, and since I'm a do it all in one day type person, it WILL be completed. Until bedtime, that is. Same thing with cooking and dishes - the kitchen, whole house, will be all clean, and darn it if the little darlings don't wake up wanting to eat again, and want to play with their toys. School? Terrific, we really are about to finish a couple of classes, which in our case, means going on to different classes. It's frustrating because I really don't like to leave projects undone and to feel like everything I do is pretty much useless because it just has to be done again.

Until today! I finished something! I mentioned in a few posts that I was taking a photoshop class online. I finished it today! I thought I'd share some of the projects I did. (Yes, these are total copies of the projects she led for the class. I'm just delighted that I learned how to do these things. Never mind that I've had photoshop for a year and I'm just now beginning to figure out how to use it!)

The class, if you happen to be interested is from Jessica Sprague and it's video driven and very easy to follow along. I enjoyed this one so much that I'm about to take another one.

Okay, on to the work. If you saw the "Happy Birthday Daddy" pic, then you already got a preview of this. I love these pics of my two favorite boys. :)

This was just playing with color. I did a pic like this last year ... the HARD way. I love this look, and this method is so so so much easier than what I did last year! I know, it's not a great pic, but I was looking for one with one object that was colorful and this scrolled across the screen.

This is a collage of pictures Micah took when Jim was here on leave. In a few weeks, we'll have a new set of these pics! :D

And just the same as above with a different edit. (And the Daddy is not yet home -- that was for leave in January, not for good.)

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