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Not Me Monday

It's been a few weeks since I've done one of these. I guess I was just saving up for now.

I have not realized over the last week that I am the very definition of a mean mom.

Background - read the last post. My sweet daughter did not *OBLITERATE* her text messaging limit within about three days of making a new friend.

IF she had, I would not have zipped over to the verizon website, and change our account to have unlimited texting. They backdated the change to make the overages magically go away. I certainly would NOT have kept this tidbit of information from my daughter. I wouldn't be making her earn the money to pay off the overages, that now actually don't exist, in dishes and floors cleaning, and I wouldn't have her every day checking the calendar to see when she can text again. It would just be mean to not tell her that she can text again, that she doesn't have to work to pay off charges that don't exist, and especially not to tell her that making the change actually saves money per month, so it's all good. Nope, I'm not mean like that, at all.

And speaking of mean, I am certainly not making my sweet children do schoolwork on Spring Break. I did let them sleep until 8 this morning, and I did not at all wake them with the words "time for schooooooool work~!!" And I absolutely did not reply in a sing-song voice that I really didn't care if they wanted to do it or not, that school work was on the schedule, so they were doing it. I did not giggle at all when whines of "THAT'S NOT FAIR!!" came my way, and I did not even once stick my fingers in my hears and say "La la la la la, I'm not listening!" to the complaints that came. I'm 40 for heaven's sake, way more mature than that!

And before anyone thinks terribly of me, we are taking off a week in April to go on a vacation, after their daddy gets home, for their spring break. Not only that, they all three have passports to the local Heritage Festival this week, so although they will be doing school every day, they will not be miserably chained to their desks or anything like that. I expect that, if the rain EVER stops, we'll spend most every evening at the Festival.

Oh, and speaking of vacations, I have not let my OCD nature take over, and there may or may not be a 35 column spreadsheet on my computer comparing costs and a bunch of details. I have not considered printing both said spreadsheet and an itinerary in booklet format for each family member, in picture form for the non-reader, so they will know what I expect of them when it comes to having fun for this vacation. (And nope, I did not just have to look up how to spell itinerary. What on earth has happened to my spelling skills??)

Okay, since I don't have a mountain of laundry piled up to be folded, and I don't need to go to Sam's (it IS raining, after all, which means we must go to Sam's) I'll close this post now.

What didn't YOU do this week?

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