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So, how's life?

I realized it's been a few weeks since I've made a "real" post here, other than just posting pictures and such. I like reading blogs that tell about things going on in people's lives, so maybe it's time for an update on mine.

Jim is done in Afghanistan in less than a week. Does that seem almost unbelievable to anyone else? He's been gone for ten months, and will be home in the next couple of weeks. It's kind of amazing for me to think about. I mean, we did it! The kids survived, I survived, he survived. The house remained standing, the dog still lives here, everyone has been fed and has had clean clothes to wear. The lawn has been maintained, as has the car. The girls are finishing up some of their classes, and the plans have been put in place for schooling for next year.

I've become handy with the power tools too. I know, I know, you're shocked. Okay, maybe "handy" is a leeeetle bit of a stretch. I did install some towel bars though. This is quite an amazing feat for someone who graduated from the school of the mechanically declined! Today I'm going to tackle changing the locks on a door. (LOL ... and no, I'm not changing the locks because Jim will be home soon. ;) I have this ... um ... habit of fixing something so well that it breaks it worse. 'Nuff said about that. So stop asking. I'm changing a lock because it's broken, okay?)

I wonder now if the adjustment to him coming home is going to actually be more difficult than the adjustment to his leaving in the first place. I think it might be. I've kind of gotten into the habit of doing what I want to do when I want to do it, and dragging the kids along with me. It will be weird to have to consult someone else's opinion on things. (Which, to be honest, is why I need to go find the fabric for the curtains in my living room TODAY. haha) Our meal times are going to have to change a bit too; Jim isn't crazy about sandwiches and leftovers ... and those seem to be the main staples of our diets these days. Oh, and soup in the crock pot. He's not a huge fan of that either.

So ... there's a more personal update. Other than this stuff swirling around, we're enjoying the gorgeous spring weather and trying to spend more time outside. Brendan is getting new freckles daily, and the girls are reverting back to their normal brown colors. I, of course, remain pasty white under my Jergen's Natural Glow.

I hope you are all enjoying spring as much as I am!

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