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Spring Break!

Spring Break means it's Heritage Festival time. The weather has been GORGEOUS, just perfect festival weather.

So why am I sitting here at my computer on a Saturday when the festival is here and the weather is gorgeous? My sweet son is sick. Poor little guy! At least he got to spend two evenings at the festival. I think he had enough fun and got to ride enough things to make the cost of his passport (pass to ride the rides all week) worth it.

The girls have had a good time. They've had the full experience this time around, which has been great fun for them, even despite the fact that they have a mean mom who has had them doing schoolwork all week. They've both been able to spend time with an assortment of friends this week, which has been a good thing. I am so thankful to my friends who have taken them the past couple of nights!

As it's been just Brendan and me here the past couple of days, and he's been pretty much in the bed the whole time, I've been able to work on some projects. I signed up for a photoshop class online last year. I took one class but I think I was still mourning the loss of my easy photo editing program, and was overwhelmed by photoshop that I kind of gave up. With the encouragement of my friend Caroline, I have done the next couple of lessons. Know what? When I set aside my whining about it being so different from Digital Image Pro, this really is not so difficult. Imagine that. I'm also seriously trying to learn how to use my camera. I'm trying to force myself to take pics in manual this month. I've gotten some good shots, and some perfectly awful shots, but it's kind of starting to make sense to me. :)

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