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Farm Shopping Day

Start of the long weekend (Anzac Day) and a little under the weather after the dinner out last night.  Sad day too, Charlie the Wonder Dog lost her battle yesterday, had a good chat with Crez, and remembered what a sweet dog she was. 

Off to the Farm Shop to get what we needed to put in electric fencing at the property.  Bart has been a bit rough with our lovely new white fences, and needs to be taught some manners.  Bit of a wild stab in the dark, neither Kim or I have had much experience with electric fences, apart from getting a boot when we put a foot, or hand, wrong!

The sales guy was very jovial, but not that helpful.  It was hard thinking ahead to all that we would need, but we walked out having spent $450.  The only thing I recognised was a roll of wire.  The rest we would have to make up as we went along, rather Kim would .. this is his department.  We chose this Electric Fence System as it seemed to be a well set out system, with all the parts we needed at hand.

A bit more shopping,Tradelink for the pipe for the paddock waterers, Bunnings for paint samples and ideas to redecorate the basso home, then a nice brunch at a cafe.  Lazier afternoon, a nap, so decadent!

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