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For the Love of Stein Mart

When my mom was working for the House of Representatives in DC, she worked with a charming Southern lady maybe a decade her senior named Emily. Emily always had the best recipes, the best decorating ideas, the best party suggestions...and she also spoke of a faraway place called Stein Mart, which seemed to be a magical land where the perfect finds were found.

To be honest, my mom initially misjudged the place because she linked the name Stein Mart to other "Marts" that were less impressive in her opinion such as Walmart, Kmart, and the local dive J-mart (which my brother loved for its cheesesteaks but my mom just wasn't sold - my old Bowie friends know the legend of which I write!)

Anyway, she found out that though we didn't have any Stein Marts in Maryland, there was one around the beltway in Northern Virginia which happened to be near a restaurant she and my dad loved...and many in Florida which we began to frequent on our visits to family down South. I distinctly remember the time I flew down to meet my parents in Florida while Jimmy was on trip and I had my first trip to a Stein Mart which was in Clearwater Beach...I was instantly hooked, and still have the pink plaid faux Burberry jacket I got on that memorable day at what I now agree is a magical place with perfect finds just waiting to be found.

Almost any time we have female visitors from Maryland come down, we head to Stein Mart and spend HOURS browsing...there is just so much to look at!! The prices are good, and on top of that there are always dot sales and extra coupons, and much of the merchandise is unique and just plain fun!

A few weeks ago I went BY MYSELF to Stein Mart (a solo trip anywhere is rare these days - so how cool is that??!!) and had so much fun browsing. I picked up a few things that are evidence of why I just plain love the place...

First, I found earrings that combine my long time love of pearls and passion for big, chandelier type earrings....

Then I found a sign that made me chuckle...

And napkins that said it all.

I recently stole away with my husband for a night, and I posted a picture on my facebook page from our quick beach getaway, and everyone commented on my dress. Where did I get it?

Stein Mart, of course. With a coupon. :)

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