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The Upsy Downsy Topsy Turvy Roller Coaster Week

And nope, we weren't at Disney. That's next week.

It was a wild week at our house.

Here's the whole story, and I'll try to make it concise. Last week, we took Madelyn to the doctor because she's had a lot of headaches and nausea lately. We really figured it was allergies and that it was time to treat her for them. Dr. said that's probably exactly right, but we should do a CT scan to be on the safe side. So we did.

On Monday, Jim left Afghanistan. For good. Woohoo!

On Tuesday they called and said the CT scan showed something and we needed to do an MRI. Within about an hour, she was in the MRI machine. Mommy was panicking.

On Wednesday they called and said everything looked okay. Mommy was rejoicing. Then mommy sat down and wondered if they said the BLOODWORK from the previous week was fine, or if the MRI was fine. Ugh. Finally decided to call, and it was the bloodwork. (Which is good, but it was the MRI that I was worried about.)

On Thursday, Mad spent most of the day in bed really hurting. On Thursday, I spent the day in a panic. I called the doctor and they didn't have any results yet. On Thursday, Jim left Kuwait and was back in the United States.

On Friday, Mad felt fine and we spent the whole day out of the house. It was a good day, and I decided to just wait until Monday rather than stalking the doctor's office. Then I impulsively picked up the phone and called and they still didn't have the results. Okay. Then she called back a few minutes later.

It's calcium. That's it. No big deal. It might just be something that happens, it might be something *minor* causing it. No big deal. Amazing, huh?

Oh, and Friday, we found out that Jim will probably be home on Monday. On Friday, all of the kids got to enjoy time with their friends. Mommy got to enjoy a good night's sleep.

What a crazy week. It was nice to go to bed last night and just sleep and be relaxed. Very very nice. I'd like to do that again, please.

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