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Trip, part 3

This is day 4, which we spent at Hollywood Studios.

I know I've commented before at how very sweet it is that my four year old has a best friend. They've been best friends since birth - before birth actually! - and Brendan REALLY missed his buddy on our trip. He talked about "Dean" a ton and told us that next time, Dean will be coming along with us. (I wonder if his mom will be up for that? ;) ) I told Brendan he could pick out a postcard and we'd put it in the mail to Dean that day. Brendan was SO excited!

(Hm, it appears that this whole day was about Brendan. There was a lot at Hollywood Studios that he couldn't do, so while we waited, he's the one who got lots of pics.) I thought this was just cute with his Toy Story Mickey ears.

Woohoo, Pizza Planet!

For some reason, Hollywood Studios was absolutely packed that day. Way more packed than any other park we had gone to, and I think even the cast members working there were surprised at the crowds that day. This ride, Toy Story Mania, had a 105 minute wait. Jim's exact quote was "I'd rather have my appendix removed without anesthesia than to wait in this line." Fast passes were all gone for the day, and with the huge toy story fan that we have, there is no way I was going to miss this ride. So we waited. Thankfully it was cool inside during the wait - cool in both meanings of the word - and the ride was AWESOME. I think it might be my favorite ride ever. Well ... it's a toss up between this one and Rock n Roller Coaster. (btw - Mad HATED that one. Absolutely hated it. She loved every other roller coaster, but that one was a bit much for her.) Anyway - here are Jim and Brendan on Toy Story Mania. Fabulous ride!

Up! and Cars.

And, I finally got to see Fantasmic. This was my fourth trip to Disney World and we have missed Fantasmic every time until now! I was a little worried we were going to miss it again. First of all, we got there an hour early and barely had a seat. We'd been warned that if it rained, Fantasmic wouldn't happen. Minutes before it started, it started drizzling, which caused it to be delayed. Finally it did go ahead and start, and we all loved it! (Even with Dan taking the magic away by pointing out that it's all really a 5'2" Korean lady dressed as Mickey waving her arms around. ROFL!! It's okay, I still believe in the magic!) ;)

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