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A Day In the Life

Oh my goodness, this has been a crazy week! As of this moment, all of our activities are done, except Brendan's Mother's Day Out, which ends this week. Last week, the girls had dance rehearsal Monday and Tuesday, dress rehearsal for recital Friday, and recital was Saturday. Oh, and eight costumes to get ready for recital. Mixed into this was practice for the AWANA musical on Wednesday, dress rehearsal for that on Saturday before recital, and the program on Sunday. Oh, and there was a fundraiser for preteen camp on Sunday, and Gabbi and I were both supposed to be working at it.

(hm ... I was *just* wondering how on earth it was possible for my car to be out of gas. I think as I typed the above paragraph, I figured it out!)

Because our family can never be content to just have a busy week, we felt obligated to throw a stomach virus into the mix. No, not *A* stomach virus. THREE stomach viruses. We're overachievers like that. 3 am Sunday morning, Gabbi was up. 5 am Sunday morning, Brendan joined in. 8 am, Madelyn joined in.

By about 11-ish Gabbi was better. Thankfully. She had a cast part and a solo and had worked really hard. I would have hated for her to miss it. She really wanted to go serve food for the fundraiser. Um, no. Combination of stomach virus and serving food ... notsomuch. I was confident that she would be fine for the musical though.

By about 2-ish, Brendan was better. Not really as well as Gabbi was, but he didn't seem to have as much motivation as she did. He went to the final rehearsal for the musical (and did well). Thankfully I took pictures during the rehearsal because he wilted during the awards and slept through the entire musical. He slept from the moment he got his very own Cubbie Bear, through the musical, through the cleanup after the musical, in the car on the way home, and went pretty much right to bed once we got home.

Madelyn is finally better as I'm typing this. Bless her heart, she always seems to get hit the hardest. She had a part in the musical too and had been really excited about it. She was pretty pitiful, so we decided that she could just zip up there, say her part, and then zip back down. Good plan, and it worked out just fine. She missed her group song and her part in the "stomp choir" but was okay with that.

(And um, yeah ... I just realized that I am publicly admitting to the world that I am indeed "THAT MOM" who brings her sick kids to functions. Sorry. I figured that given the other kids who were sick, the virus originated either at awanas or dance, and most everyone had already been exposed. Bad parenting, indeed.)

So that was our fun weekend. Stomach viruses aside, it really was a fun weekend. :) My pics are still on my camera, but I hope today to be able to pull them off and maybe post a few. That's my plan for the day. Well, that, and there seems to be a bathroom that is requiring some cleaning attention. And that is an overshare, I'm sure.

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