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Not Me Monday

Hey guys!

We are beginning the busiest week of the year, with both the AWANA end of the year program and musical, and recital. I'm trying to soak up some quiet moments while I can!

I do have some not me moments to share!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It is NOT ME who hasn't touched the recital costumes. It is NOT ME who has not a clue what I'm even supposed to do with the recital costumes. It is NOT ME who has EIGHT of the costumes to deal with, and it is NOT ME who knows that at least one of the costumes does not fit. I suspect there is another one that's going to need some alterations as well. Oh, it's also not me who does said alterations with a handy-dandy stapler. Seriously. I've just counted - this is our ninth recital since Gabbi started dance, and the primary use of my stapler has been for costumes. As uncreative as I am, we've had some REALLY interesting methods of holding recital costumes together. Hey, whatever works, right? Oh, and the costumes? They're not supposed to be done by tonight or anything. I'm not that much of a procrastinator. Nope, not me. In case you're wondering? I'm not going to fall back on my status as a "professional" dance mom and not even get to the costumes until later in the week. There's no way in the world that my kids are going to show up at recital with the glue from the sequins still wet.

I did not have a sweet moment in church with my dear son yesterday. I did not observe that he wanted to be held every time we stood up and think "aww, he loves me!" I did not a few minutes later notice that when we stood up and I held him, he could see his buddy sitting a few rows behind me and realize that I was just the means to an end. Chopped liver when his buddy around, that's me. Or not me.

We are not going to, for the fourth time, try to get the HONEY out of the new rug today. My sweet children know that food, especially sticky food, must be eaten in the kitchen and would never flood a tortilla with honey and then take it into the family room and eat it on the new rug. And then they'd never track it all over the new rug. And then they'd never go outside and get their feet dirty and track dirt into the honey that had been tracked into the new rug. Nope, not my kids. For what it's worth, if that DID happen, I would never LOSE.MY.MIND. over it.

(with that said ... anyone know of anything that might remove honey from a rug?)

So ... that's it for this week! I hope to be able to blog a little this week. I think I might have an i heart faces entry to post today or tomorrow too.

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