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Trip, part 5

And now for day 6!

We spent this day at Epcot. We spent the morning being lazy and then going swimming. It was nice and a little relaxing.

Then we met our friends at Epcot. Brendan went on a date after we got off Test Track. LOL

Then we were attacked by sharks.

We got all the kids good and caffeinated. These two, with the little one added in, were deep in conversation pretty much every moment we were together, as were the older two.

We had supper at Akershus. It occurred to me just a little bit ago that this was probably our last princess meal. Kind of sad. Brendan already wasn't terribly interested in the princesses. Gabbi played along for the benefit of her parents (good girl!) and Madelyn still enjoyed them quite a bit. It cracked me up that Madelyn loves Snow White. Wanna know why? Snow White has a squeaky voice, which apparently appeals to my squeaky voiced small child. Brendan wouldn't take a picture with Snow White or Aurora, but he did decide that Ariel was kind of cool, and that he would get in a pic with her.

I thought this was a good look for Mad.

Then the sad part of the evening. We had to say goodbye to our friends. And this is the only pic I took of that. I can't believe I didn't take a pic with Becky, or get Gabbi to take a pic with Jim and me with Dan and Becky. Oh well. I did get a cute pic of the older kids.
(Note to Becky -- I am SO GLAD y'all joined us for several days of this trip! We were all blessed to have time to spend with y'all. It was great having Tour Guide Dan to show us some things we would have missed. We love y'all, and I thank God for giving us friends with whom we can just pick up like no time has passed. I really hope it won't be too long before we see y'all again. Love you guys, every one of you!)

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