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Trip, part 7

I can't believe I've dragged this out into so many posts. And to the poor people on my facebook, and especially my photobucket, you have to be tired of these same pictures! We're just about done though, I promise!

When we went to Disney World two years ago, I wanted to meet my friend Valerie, who lives in Florida. We decided to get together on our way home at a cabin at a campground on the way. We decided to do that again this year.

It was GORGEOUS and we had a fabulous time! The cabin was right on the Suwannee River. We went for a short walk down the river. Oh, so beautiful!

Then we went on a short drive to another part of the river, Madison Blue Spring. Absolutely gorgeous! Brendan really wanted to swim. Mommy was really nervous about that!

Madelyn was a little timid about it all. She did dunk her feet and wade a little, but mostly she stayed around the stairs. She kept acting like she was going to jump off the platform. She'd walk up there and look down and then change her mind. She did this no less than five times!

Gabbi, on the other hand, walked up and jumped. I was shocked! Look at how blue the water is!

As we were thinking about getting ready to leave, someone pointed out the snakes on the stairs. Yikes. Then Madelyn kicked one of Brendan's shoes off of the platform by the stairs. I was fully prepared to bid a fond farewell to the shoe; no way no how was I going to get close enough to water moccasins to rescue a shoe that's close to being too small. Valerie's husband saved the day and got Brendan's shoe. Bren was very glad, he loves those shoes! LOL So, we survived, shoes intact, and nobody was bitten by a snake!

We thoroughly enjoyed Valerie and Clif and their family! I was a little concerned, as was Valerie, that the girls might try to stow her sweet baby away into our car!

Okay, so that's it for the vacation. I do have one more post regarding the *interesting* trip home. Drive 900 miles and get within about ten of home ... and ...

to be continued!

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