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Good Morning Beautiful

It's late, and honestly I'm pretty tired as I write this. But as I reflect on this day my mind keeps going back to a few moments this morning that reminded me of how blessed of a girl I am.

It started when my sweet daughter came into our bedroom and climbed in our bed...as she snuggled up to me, she said, "Momma, sing 'Good Morning Beautiful.'"  She knows that when she was a tiny newborn baby, I used to sing the chorus of that country song to her each morning as I snuggled my beautiful firstborn.  This morning as  I sang her the sweet lyrics, she nestled right next to me and for a moment we were still and warm and cozy and quiet.  

Then after I had given the kids their breakfast, I started making my own coffee and oatmeal when my husband, sweaty from his workout, came into the kitchen.  As he sometimes does, he started dancing with me, our bare feet moving on the hardwood floors as the water boiled and the kids ran around.  I love dancing in the kitchen.  As we swayed back and forth, all of a sudden I felt little arms wrap around our legs, and someone else started swaying with us.

It was our son, still in his Cars pajamas.  I scooped him up and we began to dance together, his sweet arms wrapped around my neck and his soft cheek pressed against mine.  He is at an age where almost daily he tells me he is going to marry me, and I say absolutely.  As we twirled and swayed through the kitchen, my husband told him he was the only boy allowed to cut in on me, and he would accept the interruption.  I smiled.

It's funny, our lives are very imperfect.  Those precious family moments happened right before I headed out to a doctor's appointment at the women's center to follow up on my February biopsy. We are normal people who have health issues we'd prefer not to have, piles of laundry that never get folded, bills that somehow need to be paid, kids who sometimes throw temper tantrums, and grown-ups who occasionally get impatient and stressed.  We face struggles just like everyone else.  But our love is deeply rooted in Christ, and it is real and strong.  I was reminded of that this morning.  In those tender moments, I felt undeservedly blessed and very, very grateful.

And on this June morning, the lyrics to "Good Morning Beautiful" struck a chord within me.  Life is up and down.  It can be confusing and chaotic. But it's still a Good Morning Beautiful Day.  I see the beauty and the blessings.  And I am gratefully content.

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