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Pasta Carrabba! (Or Something Like It)

I married an Italian.  Not a tomato, olive oil, proscuitto, and olive loving Italian...a pasta loving Italian.

One of his favorite dishes is the Pasta Carrabba (minus the mushrooms) at Carrabba's.  Since I love making meals my family enjoys, I decided to make my own version for him the other day - and it put a smile on his handsome face!

Here is Pasta Carrabba, the inexpensive and easy way...

I took chicken breasts (which I had gotten on major sale at Publix for around $3) out of the freezer and let them thaw.  Then I cut them in strips and sauteed them in generous amounts of olive oil and fresh garlic. (If you are looking for a good garlic press, I am still using the one I got at a Pampered Chef wedding shower 9 years ago.  They make a good one.)  Then I took a box of Walmart brand fettucine (around 88 cents) and boiled it with some more olive oil in the water.  Meanwhile, I cooked a package of steam in the bag peas (Publix brand, bought on sale for 99 cents) in the microwave.  After the fettucine was cooked, I stirred in the chicken, the cooked peas, more fresh garlic, some parmesan cheese, and two jars of Bertolli alfredo sauce (also purchased at Walmart).  The dish is actually served with mushrooms - I left them out since my husband doesn't like them - but if you put them in, you could just sautee them in olive oil and garlic before you sautee the chicken and then add them in add the end.  And of course you could make your own alfredo sauce too, we were just in a busy week and honestly, this brand was pretty tasty.

The house smelled wonderful because of all the olive oil and garlic...and it made a huge pot.  I separated half of it to give to my parents (who always give us their leftovers) and put the other half in the fridge to heat later in the day (I made this meal early because we were in the middle of VBS week and dinnertime would be rushed).  I googled a recipe for Red Lobster type biscuits (another one of my husband's faves) and made them with Bisquick and a five Italian cheese blend instead of cheddar.  Brushed with butter and garlic powder, they were also a big hit.  

Restaurant faves made at home and on a budget.  Gotta love that!  

Prepare and Gustare!!  (Italian word for taste; enjoy; relish)

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