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Spotlight Savings!! (Eye Makeup Remover)

When I was first married and could go to the store once a week, buy several bags of groceries for between $30-$50, and was only taking care of two adults, I didn't really worry about buying generics.

For the past few years I have bought almost anything generic I can find! With the increased costs of groceries and the growth of our family, I have just plain had to.  And usually it's fine.

One area I worry about though is cosmetics.  When I was in 9th grade and wearing cheap makeup for some plays I was in, I had some horrible skin reactions to them that wouldn't go away.  Through middle school and early high school, I had experienced other similar reactions, and was diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis.  I was instructed by the dermatologist to use baby shampoo, Dove Soap, and Clinique makeup.

After adolescence, this pretty much calmed down and though I went to real shampoo, I still use Dove Soap and either Clinique or mineral makeup like Bare Escentuals.  Most products last a long time and Clinique still does great bonuses, so it's not too bad.  But the most consumable product I use is eye makeup remover.  And it seems to be getting more and more expensive.

So I tried an off brand.  And it was so lousy I felt like I was scrubbing my eyeballs off every night.  And if I just used hot water, it had to be burning hot water and all I did was end up looking like a raccoon with a cabinet full of stained washcloths.  So I bought the real stuff.

However, I was out again...and had suffered the burning water/raccoon eyes/ stained washcloth routine for a few weeks...so on a Target run I picked up some of their brand.  It was around $4.00.  And guess what?  It WORKS!!

So, I had to share this spotlight savings with you, in case any other girls out there are trying to tighten the budget without scrubbing off their eyeballs or ruining every washcloth in the house.  :)

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