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We Survived VBS

I just want to know why it is that three and a half hours of VBS completely wipes out a family. Okay, well add to that yet another tonsillitis and a three day headache and you've got part of your answer. Still though. It's crazy the way VBS is so exhausting!

That said though, I LOVED VBS this year! Really really loved it! We used Group's program, which was High Seas Expedition. I was in charge of crafts for the K-6th grade. I'm going to guess we had about 200 kids this year, I never got the actual number. I loved working in crafts. I would NEVER have imagined that I would have loved it. I should mention - the director did a LOT of the crafts works - like choosing the crafts and ordering them. For my part, I got a list of what crafts we were doing and a bagful of the supplies we would need. SUPER EASY. And because I'm all about easy, I loved it.

All three of my kids enjoyed VBS this year too. Brendan missed a couple of days due to sickness, but he had a great time while he was there. Madelyn really got into the crazy dress days, as did Gabbi. This is likely Gabbi's last year as a VBS student, which is kind of bittersweet. She's in this weird grade thing - we'll be doing 7th grade with her at home, but she's in 6th for SS and AWANAs, so she could really go either way next year - student or helper. HM ... wonder which one she would choose, if she is given the choice, my "in a rush to grow up" child ...

I have about a million pics on my camera right now; I haven't uploaded a single one all week. You can look for a picture post sometime next week. For now, I spent TWENTY WHOLE HOURS at VBS over the course of a week and I'm wiped out. ;)

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