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Work of Art

My five year old daughter is super creative and crafty.  She draws these fantastic pictures and comes up with these interesting creations on her own almost daily, and I just love it!  She amazes me. My three-and-a-half year old son is not as interested in such things yet...he is more apt to kick a ball with full force,  jump off of a coffee table, or bang his drums.  He does occasionally like to paint and do projects with us, but overall it's not his thing, at least not now.

That's why I thought it was the cutest thing ever when he ran up to me the other day, super excited to show me a picture he had drawn on his own.  He said it was a family of snakes, and each of the four reptiles were named after our little family.

Now, is that not the most brilliant drawing of a snake family you have ever seen in your life??  I think it's absolutely a work of art! That's my sweet boy, keeping it simple and real.  And I love it.

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