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4th of July!

As you know, I love to celebrate! Celebrating brings so much joy, and I think the act of celebrating together bonds families and friends even closer together. When holidays roll around, I like to do small things to celebrate and make the day memorable and special.  Here is a little glimpse into our celebration of the 4th of July....

Since Independence Day fell on a Sunday, we started our day by going to church.  My daughter pulled out a sailor hat she used to wear when she was about 2 years old...and it still fit!  It went well with the rest of her red, white, and blue sailor themed outfit.  It brought back a lot of memories as well....

At church we heard an inspiring message entitled "God Heal Our Land."

Then we went home and I baked some fun cupcakes for a party later that evening.  I love using holiday themed baking decorations!  These were compliments of Crate and Barrel and were so fun!

Sunday evening we had some lake fun with some wonderful church friends!  

The next day I made a 4th of July breakfast, complete with frozen orange juice popsicles and a bowl of cherries, because what could be more American than that?  :)

Happy Birthday, America!  Thanks to God for the way He has blessed this country.  My prayer is that He will continue to bless our land and that we will as a nation turn our hearts toward Him.

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