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Not Me Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Let's jump right in!

It is not me who is waffling yet again about our choice for English/Language Arts curriculum for Gabbi for next year. I had it all planned out AND BOUGHT and I've looked at the table of contents and it's ... um ... intimidating, so I'm thinking of looking at something else.

Oh, and it's not me who would ever be intimidated by a table of contents. Ahem.

It is not me who has been researching cameras lately. I didn't decide that I needed to do this when one small feature on my camera stopped working. Oh, and that small feature? It didn't take a five minute google search to fix it. So, of course, when my camera was fixed, I immediately stopped my camera search. I didn't get excited to see that an upgrade for the model I wanted is due out soon, and I didn't think about how that might lower the price on the model I want. Nope, not me. I'm CONTENT with what I have. (Oh, and there is NO WAY that every time I pop on to Amazon, the camera stuff is there waiting for me.)

I didn't completely cave and do a total about-face regarding a thing Gabbi wanted to do. Nope, no bowing to pressure here. Because I had to preview this thing before considering it for Gabbi, I didn't spend the last two weeks of my life with my nose in a series of books and watching an incredibly cheesy movie that has a huge following that I don't completely understand. I also did not underestimate my daughter, figuring that she would see that said book has 500 pages and thinking she would be intimidated by that and not follow through. Sigh. It took her less than a week. I am not currently being pressured (by her) to allow the rest of the series. (For this, I will be standing firm. It's a definite NOT YET! Not for a couple of years, anyway.)

And now, because I have a to do list a mile long, and a firm case of the "don't wannas" but I've lived in that land way too much this summer, I'm going to run and get busy!

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