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That's What Grammies Are Made Of

My kids call my mom Grammie.

And just as she was a stellar mom, she is a top notch Grammie.

We had not gotten to spend any time with her for over a month due to various life circumstances, so this past Monday she took my daughter and me out on a Grammie/Madi/Mommy date.

We started our day by going to see the movie Ramona and Beezus which was absolutely delightful!  I just loved it!  Of course, I have always been a fan of Ramona.  I started to love the Ramona books, as well as all of Beverly Cleary's books, in the third grade when my teacher, Miss Taylor, read them out loud to us.  There is just something about a teacher who takes the time to read out loud to the class!  I was an avid reader as a kid, and read as many of  Beverly Cleary's books as I could get my hands on.

When Madi was 3 and 4 years old, I read her all the Ramona books except for the last one.  She adores this literary heroine, and often says she is a spunky girl just like Ramona  Though thankfully, she  hasn't squeezed a tube of toothpaste in the sink...yet.   ;)

After the movie we got our photos taken in one of those little photo booths (which cracked my mom and I up as it now quite a modern experience with a digital voice guiding you through the process!) then we walked to the bookstore where we browsed and I picked up the final Ramona book we need to read.  The Beverly Cleary books were buy 2 get 1 free, so I also picked up Henry and Beezus and Sister of the Bride which was absolutely, positively one of my favorite books as a girl.  I use to check out the same hardcover version of that book over and over from our local library.  I can still feel the plastic cover in my hands and smell the musty scent of the pages, and remember how I felt after I finished it for the first time.  It is right up there with Cleary's book Fifteen, another absolute favorite.

After taking our time in the bookstore, we walked to a favorite boutique of ours that has a large Vera Bradley selection.  Madi is starting kindergarten in the fall and my mom, who takes her role as Grammie very seriously, wanted to make sure we sent her off in style.  After all, what kindergarten girl wouldn't have a little more pep in her step sporting some chic Vera Bradley on her very first day of school?  My daughter picked out her own patterns and we had lots of fun laughing about how there was no way she would have ever gotten me these types of school supplies!  But that was when she was Mom.  Now she is Grammie.

When we walked out of the store with two packages and one excited little girl, we made one more stop.  The three of us had lunch at Mimi's Cafe, one of our favorite places.  My mom and I split a hummus appetizer and an albacore and avocado sandwich and Madi got her typical macaroni and cheese and applesauce.  Since we were having such a special day, my mom and I decided to try the beignets.  Oh.my.word.  When we dipped those hot pastries - which were filled with custard and coated in sugar and spice - in the hot strawberry and caramel sauces, we knew we had found a new favorite dessert.

Sugar and spice dipped in strawberries and caramel, and special splurges to make the first day of school memorable, and treating your girls to popcorn and a matinee just because, and cramming into a photo booth to capture a moment, and a day simply celebrating being together, and a life that is a constant and vibrant outpouring of love...well, that's what Grammies are made of.

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