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The lazy hazy RAINY days of summer

Be warned in advance. There is nothing but rambling and perhaps a bit of whining in this post. Proceed with caution.

Okay, so it's rained 4839724 days in a row. In normal climates, this may cool things down. Here? Notsomuch. It just serves to make steam. Because what is more fun than going outside after a nice refreshing rain and seeing steam coming off the road? I looked at the ten day forecast this morning, and hey guess what? There's rain in the forecast for every one of those ten days. I'm sure there's rain for the 75849375 days after those ten days too, they just don't want to tell us that yet.

You know what's really fun? Wearing glasses in this weather. For those of you who don't wear glasses, do this. Go turn on your dishwasher and let it get all hot and steamy. Then open in and stick your face in there, with some sunglasses on. Oh the fun and joy. Now add a few kids to laugh at you because apparently fogged over glasses are loads of hilarity.

Oh the gloom and doom. I really am a regular ray of sunshine these days.

Well, while I'm on a roll, let's see what else I can complain about.

- the sunburn I got in the ten minutes of sunshine we had last week is now peeling. That's really an attractive look. Especially when part of said sunburn is on my scalp.

- I DESPERATELY need a haircut. Because we have ten minutes of sunshine every week, my scalp gets burned every week. Then it peels. It's just plain gross and I can't bring myself to subject any person to that. Maybe that's the good part of all the rain - maybe I will be able to go a week without burning my scalp so I can have a week without peeling so I can get a haircut.

- My house is out of control. The good thing about Jim being back home is that I go to bed much earlier. This really is a good thing. The bad part though - while he was gone, I used the time at night when the house was quiet to clean. At least I think that's it. It could just be that Jim was the messy one all along. ;)

Okay, so now that I've brightened your day immeasurably, we're going to run and hunt for rainbows. There MUST be one out there somewhere.

eta -- found a rainbow!! Not a literal rainbow, but one I'll take happily! For the past week or so, the pop-up flash on my camera hasn't been working. I noticed that I'm approaching the "click limit" on it, so I've started a bit of research in case it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. Well, today I decided to search the flash problem. Turns out there's a teeny little button that can get pushed down when the external flash is hooked up. Then occasionally when the external flash is taken off, the button doesn't pop back up. I pushed the teeny little button and viola! I'm back in flashy business! Awesome!

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