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Women of Faith Wednesday -- Beating the Heat

(Yes, I'm aware that it's Thursday. LOL)

It's been a few weeks since I've done one of these. I've been lazy or something.

Question of the week:
Whew, it’s hot outside! How do you beat the heat?

Seriously? Mostly I complain about it. Sigh. I realized yesterday that I complained about both the rain and the sunshine. Apparently there is no pleasing me. But moving right along to answer the question ...

We spend as much time as possible in water. That, and we really enjoy the air conditioning. I try to do errands early and if we have to spend time out of the house mid-day, if there's not water involved, then there is certainly air conditioning involved. Mainly we look for water though!
Some days we hang out at the splash park.

Handy dandy slip n slide

Some days are just turn on the hose days.

Sometimes we cool off in the water and then sit and text our friends.

We go swim at friend's houses.

We go to the local public pool.

So basically we just, if we have to be outside, spend the time being as wet as possible!

So, how about you? Got any "beat the heat" tips for me?

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