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Wordless Wednesday and the Winner

I know I've mentioned before how close my oldest and youngest are. Except when he's mad at her and calling her a breadcrumb, of course. Oh, and when he screamed out that he wasn't going to marry her anymore. Okay, and when she made a sign for her door that said "NO BOYS ALLOWED" and he responded with a picture for his door with a girl and a big ole' X through her. (That's some fabulous blog fodder right there. Really wish my scanner worked!) ANYWAY ... other than those times, these two little darlings are really pretty close. It's quite sweet, actually. So, last week she went to camp. While the moms were hugging their babies and sending them off, Brendan got really quiet and kind of disappeared. I saw him just sitting on the step watching and looking sad.

This post really needs a picture of my middle one happy dancing as the van pulled away. hehe. Even she missed her sister and was ready for her to come home though. And within about ten minutes of them getting back, she was ready for her to leave again. Love the sisterly bond.

(aren't you glad this is a WORDLESS post? Can you imagine how wordy it would be if I hadn't put wordless in the title?)

Okay, the So Long Insecurity winner!! This didn't get many comments. I figure either everyone already has this book, or y'all are like me ... a little overwhelmed by it. ;)

I am ROFL'ing at your comment. So, from my piled up nightstand to yours, enjoy some Beth Moore! :)

It's Wednesday? I'll gather up the bookS, yes plural, for the next giveaway and will post it either tomorrow or Friday. :) Thanks for playing!

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