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Year End Class Trip for Heritage Home Schoolers

We went to two places-the Indian Village in Longwoods Conservation Area and to Circle R Ranch.

Sitting in the 'Long House' listening to the crazy woman present. This woman was a bit of a nuisance to listen to. The kids did VERY well but I found myself struggling to stay polite. She was a bit intense and said strange things like 'Don't lean on the tree, it's not leaning on you!'.
Mia climbing down the lookout stairs.
Circle R Ranch

Esmé wasn't sure why we couldn't just climb under the rope and go on the bridge...
Friends...doesn't it make your heart smile!
Pony Rides!!!!!

Mia's pony was pregnant.

Checking out the animals...the names of 3 of the sheep eliminated names off of mine and Belinda's baby name list! :O)

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