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A Coke and a Smile

Sometimes I just have to have a Coke...and a smile, of course!

And sometimes that Coke just has to be in a bottle.  Ice cold.  Bliss.

I was drinking one last night when my daughter came up and asked for a sip.  I said yes, and knowing the wonderful intensity of a bottled Coke, watched to see what her reaction would be.  She took a great big swig and her face puckered as if she was sucking a lemon and sort of shook as she swallowed it down.

Then she looked at me with wide brown eyes and exclaimed, "Oh Mommy, that made my tongue pop!!!"


When I snapped this picture, I had no idea Madi was going to make that face, the perfect face for her comment!  How fun. And she is wearing that hat because she had worn it and her scrubs for three days straight.  It's nice to have a nurse around.  She gives out Spiderman and Hello Kitty BandAids.  It's a pretty sweet deal.

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