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And In Other News, I Found Some Pretty Zucchini

Last week, I found some really pretty zucchini at Aldi.  I mean, some really pretty ones, and of course they were a good deal.

The other night we were having chicken parmesan for dinner so I sauteed several cloves of fresh garlic in olive oil, sliced up two of those zucchini, threw them in the pan and sauteed them, added a can of diced tomatoes, some more olive oil, sea salt, and another clove or two of fresh garlic, and covered it and let them cook a few minutes.  I added some grated mozzarella before serving.

Oh my goodness...this was so good.  So, so good. It reminded me of the side dish you can get sometimes at Carrabba's.  And it was super simple!

So if you find some pretty zucchini somewhere, you may want to give this a try!  Just make sure to be generous with the garlic for that savor...mmm.

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