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My sweet Disney intern friend snapped this photo of me when she treated us to a day at the parks last week.  When I saw it I just cracked up.  

One word comes screaming to mind when I see this picture...CHAOS!!!  There is a reason that word is part of the title of this blog that is my free therapy, er, I mean, I share with you.  ;)

Here I stroll through Disney on the HOTTEST DAY OF MY LIFE and the hugest crowd I've ever seen there, hands down.  At this point I have been on the go pushing this gigantic limousine of a double stroller for about 12 hours.  I have so many layers of sweat on me it's not even funny.  All I want is a Dole Whip pineapple float, because it is simply one of the most refreshing things I have ever tasted in my life and I hope it would cool me off a little.

Of course, it starts melting as soon as it hits this August air, so I am trying to push my stroller through the massive crowds while simultaneously eating my float.  I don't think she got pictures when my float spilled TWICE down the stroller while waiting for the light parade and fireworks, and I had to mop up the stickiest mess I've ever encountered with a handful of baby wipes I happened to throw in my bag.  Do you know what kind of mess pineapple juice makes in 100 degree heat and 100% humidity?!  I ended up throwing the stupid float away after the second spill, and was thankful for the few slurps I got while pushing my stroller through the crowds.


But...also one of the most fun days I've ever spent with my kids.  Watching them meet characters and have the time of their lives brings me so much contentment.

As for coffee, well, I bought a mug that day.  It said, "Mornings Aren't Magical."  It made me laugh. And I used it for my coffee the morning after this 16 hour Disney marathon day.

A cup of coffee with a grand dose of chaos, but even grander dose of contentment stirred in.

This is my life.  And I am grateful.

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