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The past few weeks have included the surprisingly complicated task of getting my daughter ready for kindergarten.  Let's just say I am super glad I spent a lot of time doing preschool and pre-k work with her over the past few years because there is no time for that now... these are the days of purchasing crayons, tissues, markers, and all the other items on her school supply list; searching for uniform acceptable shorts and pants in her sizes which has been a challenge (evidently they don't make a lot of 5's and 6's, or there are a lot of incoming kindergartners this year in our county!); stocking up on supplies for school lunches; and more necessary tasks to prepare for this upcoming change, including waking my daughter up much earlier than usual to get her ready to be out the door in a world that starts a 5 year old's school day at 8:00 am.  That's been a, hmm, fun one.  Safe to say she is more of a night owl than a morning person!

We're getting there.

One of the most fun things we've had to do is buy school shoes! That was the best. What girl doesn't like to get new shoes?  My mom and I went on the blessed tax free shopping days and took advantage of some awesome sales to get her a few good pairs of shoes (with room to grow of course) that will hopefully last awhile.

I think her favorite pair was the neon pink Converse All Stars I showed to her and she immediately fell in love with.  They were on sale, then half off the sale price (thanks to Rack Room), and perfect for my girl.  I remember when someone in our church gave me a pair of turquoise Converse high tops in the fourth grade, and I bounced into school the next day wearing those bright shoes feeling like I was walking on top of the world!

I think she felt the same way when she put them on.

I want her to feel the same way. 

So we got the neon pink shoes and I referred to them as Chucks, which for some reason she thought was cool.  So for days when we've been talking about school or school supplies with family or friends, she mentions her Chucks with excitement in her voice.

I can only imagine the places they will take her...

And as her mom, I will be praying over the steps she will be taking that they will be on the right path, and that in the spirit of youthful innocence and pure optimism my girl will feel that in those neon pink shoes she is walking on top of the world!

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