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Feeding My Children Moldy Bread

I know this is not news to anyone, but it's tough raising godly children in our world. I suspect that it has been tough raising godly children in ANY world. No matter the outside pressures, the inside nature is still sinful, and in our house, lazy.

We are in a place where my kids are exposed to more culture and media than ever before, particularly my oldest. So now we're faced with choices daily as to what's appropriate and what's not. And I do mean daily. Songs, youtube videos, books, tv shows, movies, magazines ... constant bombardment.

As much as I would like to put my children in a box and only allow the things of which I approve to enter that box, I'm finding that, as great as that strategy sounds, it isn't really possible. They live in the world and are exposed to the world. Plus, how can I teach them to be discerning if I am that much in control of their environment?

So, there's a line to walk here.

I remember a friend had an analogy about eating bread with mold on it. The mold being the negative influences in our lives. How much mold is allowed on bread we eat? If you want a sandwich and the only bread is just a bit moldy, do you try to pick it off and eat the bread anyway or give up on having a sandwich?

I'm not entirely sure what the answer is. I know we have allowed a little mold into our children's diets. Of course I would prefer not to, but truth be told, I've let a little mold into my diet as well. Sometimes even putting jam on that bread and enjoying it. Every now and then even going back for seconds.

I don't WANT to eat moldy bread and I certainly don't want to feed them moldy bread, but sometimes it tastes good, and everyone else is eating moldy bread. Romans 7, anyone?

This is another area where I don't have a ton of wisdom. I am praying for discernment for me, and for my children, and for grace when a little mold seeps in.

If you have any wisdom here, please feel free to share with the class! And, please continue to enter the Same Kind of Different As Me giveaway; it's the post below this one.

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