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Free Friday!

So, I decided to deem yesterday Free Friday.   Here's why...

An hour long, early morning walk with a sweet girl in our youth group = free exercise

Swim time in our cousin's pool = free family activity (and free relief from this August heat...I am so over it already)

Coupon for a smoothie from McDonald's = free afternoon snack (best news of all, I still have another coupon, which means another free one to come)

(Note...yes the words are backwards, I took this on the Mac which explains the mirror image.  As for my awkward little finger, I guess that's how I hold a smoothie.  I have no idea.)

My mom dropping by on her way home from Publix with tortilla chips and a bag of fresh produce (avocados, tomatoes, garlic, onion, lime) = me getting to make a free killer batch of guacamole (my favorite food ever) sometime very soon, and the reminder that my mom really is "all that and a bag of chips," whoop-whoop!

Coupon for a massive from our favorite local pizza place = free pizza for dinner, and not just any pizza, pizza that is in our top ten

Staying in with my family, reading books and blogs, watching my son pretend to shoot things with his "waser" and my daughter use PlayDoh to host a cooking show = free Friday night entertainment

I like Free Friday!

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