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I Admit That ...

I saw this on another blog and had to steal it! There will be no Not Me-ing today, these are actually things I admit to!

1. I admit to having a few more cupcakes from Brendan's birthday than I should have.

2. I admit to chatting with a friend about Weight Watchers while munching on one of those cupcakes.

3. I admit to looking at the teary eyes of my newly turned five son, remembering that five was the magic number for giving up sippy cups, and getting out of bed and making him a sippy cup of pink milk. Sigh. He'll still be five tomorrow, so we'll give up sippy cups then.

4. I admit that I am so relieved that AWANAs is starting back up again, so I can have my two free hours on Sunday night for planning our school week.

5. I admit that planning our school week really only takes about fifteen minutes most weeks, but if you bring that up in conversation ever, I will insist that you are a vicious liar, and that it takes every single minute.

6. I admit that watching my son run through the yard covered in shaving cream screaming that he was having SO MUCH FUN has made me want to buy stock in shaving cream so we can make this a more frequent occurrence.

7. I admit to having a party for my middle child four months after her birthday. I'm sure that earns me some stellar parent award. She had a fabulous time though, so I guess it makes it all worth it, right?

8. I admit that I'm still holding out hope that she will forget that I told her she could have a slumber party for her tenth birthday. I also admit that I'm 99% certain that she will not forget.

9. I admit that I'm every bit as excited as the girls are to see what happens next in the book we're reading for history. I admit that I detest textbooks, but love living books and probably would have enjoyed history in school had we not had to deal with textbooks.

10. I admit that after Brendan left for AWANAs, I put his new Buzz Lightyear in Spanish mode so that he would dance.

Okay, that's all I'm admitting to for now!

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