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I have never canned anything a day in my life.  But I have a thing for canning jars.  They are inexpensive, practical, and useful for lots of things such as...

Using as drinking glasses.

Displaying flowers on my kitchen table.

Simple decorations.

Storing snacks.

Adding pizzazz to a party.

And now...saving for a camera.

My camera, which is my most beloved material possession besides my wedding ring, is on its last leg.  I can use it to shoot a photo here or there, but can no longer use it to snap photo after photo as I have become blessedly accustomed to over the past few years.  This surprise gift from my husband has been well loved and extremely well used, but both the lens and body have problems and I know most likely it will cost almost as much to repair it as to buy a new one.  So I have set this jar on my dresser to start saving for a new one.  So far I have $6, woo-hoo!  But you gotta start somewhere!

We used to be good at saving money when we were what my dad always referred to as D.I.N.K.'s (dual income, no kids).  Now that we are T.K.O.I.W.M.B.'s (my abbreviation for two kids, one income, with medical bills - I know lots of you out there can relate, can I get a witness?!) saving is, well, a different story!  

But I'm going to try my best to scrimp and pinch (as I used to read about in my old Ramona books) and pray that my camera will hold out on its last little leg until this jar is full.  This T.K.O.I.W.M.B girl will be learning some more lessons in frugality, savings, patience, waiting, and trust.

I'll be sure to check in with you along the way!  And for you sweet readers, whatever you are in need of right now, I pray that God will provide and you will meet your goals as well.  Let's cheer each other on as we scrimp and pinch and pray and wait together!

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