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Have you ever felt like you just weren't enough?  Have you ever felt like you lived in someone else's shadow?  Have you ever been flat out rejected by someone you desperately wanted to care about you?  Have you ever let insecurities dominate your behavior?  Have you ever been used of God, even though you didn't feel worthy?

If you can relate to any of these questions, then you will probably relate to Leah, a woman that we see in the very first book of the Bible.

A few days ago I completed an in depth study on her life through the guide Leah: Confessions of a First Runner Up by Shannon Primicerio.  I bought this Bible study book at the Christian bookstore. It is actually geared towards teenage girls, but the truths apply to all of us.  I learned so much as I dove into her story.  I think all of us have been at place where we just weren't enough for someone in our lives.  In her case, she was never enough for her husband Jacob.  He always loved her sister Rachel more.  Always.

But she was enough for the God who loved her and He even used her, despite her insecurities and flaws, to be in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

For any of you who don't normally read the Bible, I think you may be surprised at how exciting it is.  This story, and the other stories this study took me to in Genesis, are far from dull.  And as you get to know these characters who once walked this earth just like us, and whose stories are forever recorded in God's Word, it's amazing what lessons we can learn from them to apply to today.

Check out Leah's story.  You may identify.  And if you do, know that the same God who used her has the ability to use you.  He seems to specialize in using the broken.

Be encouraged today!



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