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Let the Countdown Begin!

The countdown until school starts, that is!

It's just about time. Less than two weeks to go. Most of the supplies are bought, and I'm pretty excited. The start of a new year is always exciting. This one is a little different because we're changing things up quite a bit. Exciting and intimidating all at the same time.

Here's what we're doing this year:
Science and History: Heart of Dakota Creation Through Christ Because she's in 7th grade, we'll be using the Extension Package with her. It will be a lot of reading for my child who doesn't necessarily enjoy reading, but they're living books so I think (HOPE!) she will enjoy them. This will cover science, history, reading, art, spelling, and poetry. This curriculum is the major change for the year. We haven't ever done anything like this before. Seriously - we've been textbook driven up until now. I really think they're going to love it though. It will allow them some creativity and will prompt some more independent learning, I think.

English: Bob Jones Writing and Grammar 7 We'll be using DVDs for this, and are very excited to see Mrs. Vick again. She taught Reading 6 last year and both Gabbi and I loved her.

Math: Teaching Textbooks 6 and Teaching Textbooks 7 Way back when, we skipped a grade with Gabbi. Well, we skipped a grade in everything except math. She started sixth grade math last year but didn't finish it. I expect that by the end of this school year, she'll be somewhere in the middle of math 7. Maybe we won't need a huge extended break like we took this summer and by the time next school year begins, she'll be ready for math 8. Or not. And if she's not, it'll be okay. (Somebody take it upon yourself to remind me that I said that, okay?)

She will also be taking co-op classes in Science, History, Literature/Writing (woohoo, they'll be doing a speech!) and drama.

Science and History: Heart of Dakota Creation Through Christ We're going to let her join in with Gabbi on this. She will just be using this for science, history, poetry, and art.

English: Bob Jones English 4 This will be on DVD.

Reading: Bob Jones Reading 4 This class and English are the first classes we did on DVD with Gabbi. We both LOVED this reading class. I'm really looking forward to Madelyn doing it too.

Spelling: Bob Jones Spelling 4 Madelyn spells pretty well, and I was actually planning to use the Heart of Dakota spelling with her. She told me she wanted to use the DVDs I made for spelling also, so we're going to go with it.

Math: Teaching Textbooks 4 She actually got started on this last year. I plan to supplement with multiplication and division drills.

She will also be taking co-op classes in Literature, Science, History, and Drama.

We will be having a daily thankful time for four day a week preschool. Haha. Yes, he will be going to preschool for prek. I do have some things for him to do at home if preschool doesn't work out for some reason or other, but I expect he'll be doing fine there.

Okay, I have more to post, but I think I'll save it for tomorrow. I have a couple of tips to share that I've learned over the years, and our schedule as well.

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