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Not Me Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It's been a while since I've done one of these. :)

Last week is off limits though. I've already blogged about it, and that whole week? Well, that just wasn't me. Period. Mmmmkay? ;)


We are NOT getting ready to celebrate the fifth birthday of a little man I promise I just had a couple of years ago. He could not possibly be going to be FIVE this week! NO. WAY.

Funny that Hurricane Rita seems long ago, but the baby born just a couple of weeks before seems like he can't be that old. And we shall not relive the day of Rita, or worse, the day of evacuation. Ever. Amen.

We have not made a big production about turning five, and how five year olds have to give up some of the things from baby days. We've been building up to giving up something for several months now.

That something? It wouldn't possibly be sippy cups, because everyone knows that not only is five too old for a sippy cup, so is four. And probably three. So, there is no way that my child still has a cup of chocolate milk in a sippy cup every single morning.

And it certainly would not be me who has encouraged this habit somewhat, because giving him a sippy cup means that he will come snuggle with me in bed, so that a) I can sleep in a little longer, and b) I can pretend that he is still a baby a little longer.

Nope, I'd never do that.

And I wouldn't have planned a big "Let's package up all the sippy cups and give them to Tucker!" celebration, either.

And I'm certainly not going to miss the morning "grab your sippy cup and come snuggle me" time. Because milk in a cup that might spill? On my bed? NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Maybe he will still come snuggle me, even without a cup. I hope!

But this would not be us, because my dear son, who is not going to turn five this week, gave up sippy cups at the appropriate age of three, long ago.

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